Your Screening Strategy Worksheet

Before you plan your event, it’s helpful to think about why you are screening the film and what your objectives are. We encourage you to have this strategy dialogue with your partners or planning committee to help shape your decisions throughout the planning process and after the event. We want your screening to reflect your community’s unique goals - there are no right or wrong answers here! We hope these prompts will help you plan a successful event that ignites momentum and action in your community.

  • What do we hope will happen in our community as a result of screening Most Likely To Succeed?
  • Based on our objectives, who, specifically, are we hoping to reach or engage with our screening?
  • What kind of conversation do we hope to have? For example, are there specific topics we want to discuss or are we just interested in a general dialogue?
  • What do we hope to learn by bringing this audience together? 
  • What do we hope the audience will learn?
  • What is happening in our school or community today that we want to celebrate or discuss relative to the film? How can we make those connections evident?
  • How do we want people to feel about our event? What do we want them to do or say afterwards?
  • How can we use the event to drive action towards the outcomes we’ve identified?