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Eventbrite Guide

Use this step-by-step guide to create an official Most Likely to Succeed Eventbrite page for your screening. Eventbrite is an online platform that allows you to publish and promote your event, send invitations, sell tickets (if desired) and collect RSVPs. It will also allow our team to access your information so that we can promote your event to our network and support you in making your screening as successful as possible.

If your screening is private, you can set your Eventbrite setting to “private” so that only you and your guests will be able to access it (instructions below). We won’t promote private events unless you ask otherwise.

If you have any additional questions, Eventbrite.com has a great support team. Please also feel free to reach out to your screening coordinator for help!

Step 1: Welcome Email

Once we have approved your screening license, you will receive the following email from Eventbrite. Click on the green “Set Up Your Subuser Account” button to begin.

If you already have an Eventbrite account, you can still join the official Most Likely to Succeed account. Just make sure to log out of your current Eventbrite account before taking the following steps.

Step 2: Create a New Sub User Account

The Eventbrite email link will take you to the following “Reset Your Password” screen. Fill in “New Password”, “Verify Password” and click the blue “Reset Password” button.

Step 3: Create a New Event

You will be directed to the following My Events dashboard. Click the “Create Event” button in the upper right hand corner to create a new event. Important: Do not click on or edit the “test” event to which you already have access.

Step 4: Enter Your Event Details

  • Once you create a new event, you will be prompted to enter your event details. Fill in the requested information including Event Title, Location, and Time. You will also be able to upload an image and add an event description. Upload the Social Media Banner on page xyz of your toolkit (it was formatted specifically for this purpose).
  • Modify Organizer Name by clicking “+ Add New” and adding your own contact information. It is important that you input your or your organization’s contact information. If this section is not changed, we will appear as the event host and your guests won’t know that you are doing all the hard work! You can also add your social media links here.
  • Create Tickets. You can choose to charge for tickets or offer them for free. Under “Create Tickets,” choose the option you prefer (“+Free Ticket” or “+Paid Ticket”) and specify the number of available tickets. You can also add an option for guests to make a donation to your organization by clicking on the “+Donation” button.
  • Set your event to Public or Private. If your screening is an exclusive event, under “Additional Settings” and “Listing Privacy” you will want to select “Private Page” in order to keep your event details hidden. If your screening is open to the public and you want to promote it, select “Public Page” so that people can easily find and search for your event.
  • Finalize Edits and Make Your Event Live! Be sure to save changes along the way by clicking “Save.” To preview how your event will appear to others, click “Preview.” Continue to edit your event until it appears to your liking. Once you are confident with how it is advertised, click the green “Make Your Event Live” button and your screening will be posted live online!
    Important: Note that if you are asking guests to pay for tickets, be sure to enter your bank account information by going to the “Manage” tab at the top of the page. On the right hand side, click “Edit” under “Eventbrite Payment Processing.” You can enter your bank account information for direct deposit so that all money collected will go to you.

Step 5: Promote Your Event

Congratulations, your event is live! You will be brought to your Event Dashboard, where you can publish your event to Facebook and send out email invitations. A few days before your event, click “Emails to Attendees” in the left-hand column to send out reminders to your RSVPs. You can also use this feature to send any thank you notes or follow-up emails you’d like! There is sample language for invitation, reminder, and thank you emails in the Social Media Kit.